CopperBiocare technology allows the antimicrobial property of copper to be incorporated into a variety of products.

This technology materializes as copper-based additives that can be included in polymers, resins or textiles.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Technology

  • Continuously reduces the presence of microbes on surfaces
  • Lengthens the useful lifetime of a product
  • Maintains the effects of cleaning, extending hygiene

The CopperBiocare Advantage

CopperBiocare technology has copper as its active ingredient, the only metal certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of USA) as an antimicrobial agent. Furthermore, copper is an element which is essential for human life, unlike other metals used as antimicrobial agents.

As a company, we offer tailored solutions for each and every client and product, and we make responsible claims about the duration and efficacy of the antimicrobial activity.

The use of the CopperBiocare additives improves the quality of products by adding value and differentiation in the market.