About us

We are a company that offers antimicrobial solutions for a wide range of products, through the incorporation of copper based additives that reduce the growth and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

We work in conjunction with our clients to determine where this technology adds most value, with the aim of becoming a key ingredient and point of differentiation of their products.

We have a professional team that specializes in developing tailored solutions for each product and providing the necessary support for their production.


To incorporate the antimicrobial property of copper as a key ingredient in commercial, industrial and healthcare products, adding value to human care and wellbeing.


To be global leaders in copper-based antimicrobial additives.


There is an increasing awareness and unease about the presence of microbes in different environments and products. Because of this, there is a growing appreciation of products with antimicrobial properties such as those offered by CopperBiocare.

“NASA tests Copper3D antibacterial 3D printing filament for space”

The NASA Nebraska Space Grant, in collaboration with the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Chilean company (based in the USA) Copper3D, have begun a study about the potential of a new antibacterial material for 3D printing…