The antimicrobial additives can be used in a wide range of applications where polymers are used, including organic coatings. CopperBiocare has developed various techniques for the incorporation of the additive to different materials.

Storage and containers. The CopperBiocare additives can be incorporated to plastic containers for food, liquids or other elements, minimizing the presence of microbes in them.

Textiles and footwear. The antimicrobial property of the CopperBiocare antimicrobial additive can be incorporated to a wide variety of fabrics and other materials used in clothing, bed linen, towels, shoes, etc.

Furniture and accessories. Special antimicrobial additives can be integrated in to the furniture and accessories for homes, offices, schools, etc. The antimicrobial property can be incorporated to a wide variety of elements, from upholstery and curtains to cutlery and trays.

Building Materials. Building materials such as tiles, ceramics, flooring, sealants, coatings, plumbing, etc., can be manufactured with the antimicrobial additive. This extends their useful life, as it slows down the decay caused by bacteria and fungi, as well as contributing to the general hygiene of their surroundings.

Technology.  The electronic objects and devices we handle daily, such as mobile phones, computers, ATMs and household appliances amongst others, are exposed to a great microbial load, which can be reduced by incorporating the CopperBiocare additives to their surfaces.

Medical products. Using CopperBiocare antimicrobial additives in medical products is particularly relevant, as their users have a high risk of suffering the damaging effects of the microbial load that these might carry.